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Donald Trump Just Sent A Single Tweet With Three Lies In It

As the G20 Summit got under way U.S. President Donald Trump sent out a single 115 character tweet that was filled with three separate lies.

Here’s Trump’s tweet:

“Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!”

Lie #1

We highly doubt that “everyone” at the G20 Summit was talking about John Podesta. World leaders were at the summit to discuss North Korea, the situation in Syria, and other issues of international significance. If we are being generous this was just an exaggeration.

Lie #2

Trump attempted to tie-in the hacking of Podesta’s emails with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee servers. That’s a blatant lie. Podesta wouldn’t have the DNC server to turn over and therefore couldn’t refuse to hand it off.

In response to this part of the lie Podesta sent out seven tweets in which he noted very clearly, “BTW, I had nothing to do with the DNC.”

Lie #3

The FBI would have received the servers if they were turned over, not the CIA. The FBI was leading an investigation into Russian meddling into the election and it didn’t involve the CIA.

If you’re keeping count that’s a lie every 38 characters.

Welcome to the Red State…

James Kosur is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of RedStateDisaster. He recently served as an editor for Business Insider, Business2Community, and various other publications. James focuses much of his energy on national politics and military & defense news. He is responsible for overall content strategy at RSD. Reach him at or call 309-270-7656

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Donald Trump Just Sent A Single Tweet With Three Lies In It

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