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Sean Spicer Resigns — Another Donald Trump Apologist Is Done

Sean SPicer resigns as press sec

Sean Spicer’s career as White House Press Secretary has been largely characterized by incidents in which the President contradicted an official statement Spicer had just presented, excusing or explaining away Trump’s actions. He’s short-lived White House career has also been marked by a series of very conspicuous disappearances, ranging from hiding between bushes to avoid interaction with reporters to a simple cessation of press conferences.

Now, it appears Spicer has had his fill of what must have been a stressful job. The New York Times is reporting that Spicer has resigned his position, in part in response to Trump’s hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director. Spicer’s new role would have been to serve as a subordinate to Scaramucci’s, and moving down the chain of public relations responsibility under Donald Trump is reported not to have appealed to him.

It’s not clear if the resignation is effective immediately. As recently as 11:30 am (est) on Friday, Spicer’s name continued to appear on the social media account assigned to the Press Secretary, and tweets from that account were being published to represent Trump’s White House.

Spicer isn’t the first hire to decide that working under Trump’s administration didn’t hold any longer appeal. On Thursday, The Hill reported on the next-most-recent person to jump ship — Trump’s personal lawyer, who decided he would not, after all, be leading the legal team defending Trump with regard to Russian collusion.

Of course, there have also been those who haven’t had to resign, because they had the foresight to refuse to even accept a position on Trump’s team, including Vice Admiral Robert Howard, who declined to take the place of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor after Flynn, in turn, resigned under scrutiny. There was also Andrew Puzder, who withdrew his name from consideration for U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Though the White House hasn’t made a statement yet, Sean Spicer’s resignation appears to be one more point demonstrating that working in this administration isn’t any better than living under it.

Steph Bazzle reports on social issues and religion for RedStateDisaster. She focuses on stories that speak to everyone's right to practice what they believe in and receive the support of their communities and government officials. She can be reached at or call 309-270-7656

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Sean Spicer Resigns — Another Donald Trump Apologist Is Done

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