Hamburg Startup 1Komma5Grad: Aiming for the Top in Energy Technology

The Hamburg-based energy startup 1Komma5Grad was established about two and a half years ago and has quickly become a major player in the industry. With innovative energy technology, it aims to reach the top.

By 2030, 1Komma5Grad has set ambitious goals: it plans to grow significantly, achieving revenues in the double-digit billion range. The Hamburg company aims to reach this goal with an all-in-one production chain that delivers everything: rooftop photovoltaics, energy storage, heat pumps, and charging stations for electric vehicles. 1Komma5Grad also installs these systems using its own skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

Charging Electric Cars Only at Low Prices

The true innovation behind 1Komma5Grad’s products, according to the company, is the central control system that ensures optimal electricity consumption. In practice, this means that electric cars will only be charged when there is an excess supply of electricity in the grid, resulting in lower prices.

Costs for Upgrading: 20,000 to 30,000 Euros

A complete upgrade costs about 20,000 to 30,000 euros, said Philipp Schröder, the founder of the company, on Wednesday evening at the Hamburg Economic Journalists’ Club. Schröder further explained that the startup has become economically competitive with gas heating systems even without subsidies.

Intelligent Meters: Germany Lags Behind

A key requirement for a climate-neutral building is the installation of intelligent electricity meters. However, Germany still needs to catch up in this area compared to its neighboring countries, Schröder stated. His company, about two and a half years after its founding, is already valued at over one billion euros and is profitable. A stock market launch is also planned, though Schröder remains vague about the exact timing.