Google Drive Introduces Dark Mode on Web Version: Here’s How to Use It

After rolling out the dark theme on mobile devices, Google Drive is now preparing to bring this feature to its web version. This long-awaited functionality aims to enhance the visual experience on the platform and align with capabilities found on other platforms.

The feature has not been officially released by the company yet, but according to 9to5Google, several users around the world have started gaining access, and a broader rollout to other accounts is anticipated soon.

Dark mode is a feature that offers visual comfort to many users and allows the computer to exert less effort in screen brightness, thus consuming less energy.

This update will only affect the interface of the cloud storage application, meaning documents, slides, and spreadsheets will continue to be displayed in their original format.

With this update, the app joins other Google services that already offer this mode or a similar version, including Google Keep, Chat, Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail, across both their web browser versions on desktop and mobile applications on smartphones and tablets.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Drive for the Web
The rollout of dark mode for Google Drive on the web will be gradual, and not all users currently have access. However, once it’s available, the activation process will be straightforward.

For those eager to try out this new feature or to check if it’s already available, follow these steps:

Open Drive in your browser, logged in with your Google account.
Select the settings option, represented by a gear icon, located in the top right corner of the screen.
Click on Settings.
Go to the General Appearance section.
In this section, you’ll find the option to choose your desired display mode, including dark mode.
It’s important to note that, for now, there’s no way to automatically synchronize dark mode with the operating system or the settings on the mobile version. This means users will have to manually activate it according to their preferences, whether permanently or only when needed.

The Benefits of Using Dark Mode
Dark theme offers not just a different aesthetic appearance but also several benefits for the user experience on platforms. In low-light environments, such as at night or in dimly lit areas, dark mode reduces eye strain by lowering the contrast between the background and text. This can help make long work or study sessions in front of the screen less visually taxing.

Moreover, for those using devices with OLED screens, dark mode can offer additional advantages for device performance. Since mostly black backgrounds require less energy to illuminate pixels, this can lead to significant battery savings and enhanced energy efficiency.