Xbox Game Pass’ New Model to Follow PlayStation Plus Strategy with Exclusive Games

Just a few hours ago, the official price increase for Xbox Game Pass was revealed, and the matter continues to generate discussion. Microsoft had previously promised that this price hike would not occur as a result of the controversial purchase of Activision Blizzard, but a different decision has been made in Redmond. Alongside this, the company has also introduced a new, cheaper subscription model that does not include exclusive games available from day one, following a strategy similar to PlayStation Plus.

According to online rumors, Microsoft’s plan with this new Xbox Game Pass subscription model involves adding exclusive games to the service with a minimum delay of 6 to 12 months after their original release. However, this timeframe could be even longer, resembling the approach of PlayStation Plus Extra, where each case is studied individually to determine the availability of games in this new model, which breaks with the established norm of Xbox Game Pass.

Of course, the existing subscription options will continue with the same dynamic, including any first-party games from Xbox Game Studios on the first day of their release in the subscription service.

Xbox Could Launch Its New Generation in 2026

Despite initial expectations for the new generation of consoles to arrive in 2028, Microsoft’s plans may have significantly changed to differentiate itself from its main rival, PlayStation. Recent reports suggest that Redmond might be considering launching its new console, which has already been officially confirmed, during the year 2026. This would create a completely different cycle from the Japanese company, as well as Nintendo, which is expected to release the successor to the Switch in 2025.